The God inside Me Greets the God inside You

Greetings! I am thrilled to introduce myself as an energy healer, channeler, and artist, embarking on a journey of healing, inspiration, and self-expression.

As an energy healer, my purpose is to facilitate profound transformation and holistic well-being. Drawing upon various healing modalities, including Reiki, crystal healing, and intuitive guidance, I offer a compassionate and nurturing space for individuals to embark on their healing journey. Through the power of energy, I assist in releasing blockages, restoring balance, and nurturing the body, mind, and spirit. My ultimate goal is to empower individuals to awaken their inner healer and experience a harmonious and vibrant life.

Channeling is a sacred practice through which I connect with higher realms of consciousness. Guided by spiritual guides, ascended masters, and angelic beings, I bring forth messages of wisdom, love, and guidance. These channeled insights provide clarity, inspiration, and guidance on one's spiritual path, empowering individuals to connect with their higher self and make conscious choices aligned with their soul's purpose.

Beyond healing and channeling, I am an artist at heart. Through my creative expression, I merge spirituality and artistry, infusing my work with symbolism, beauty, and soulful energy. Whether it's through painting, sculpture, or mixed media, I aim to create pieces that evoke a sense of wonder, provoke introspection, and ignite the spirit. My artwork serves as a catalyst for inner exploration, transformation, and connection to the divine.

I am honored to walk alongside you on your journey of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual growth. Together, we will delve into the depths of your being, uncovering the wisdom and power that resides within. Through energy healing, channeling, and artistic expression, we will co-create a transformative experience that nurtures your mind, body, and soul.


My services

Behavior therapy

In behavior therapy, the main focus is on learning's role in developing both normal and abnormal behaviors.


In psychoanalysis, we focus on changing problematic behaviors by understanding the unconscious meanings and motivations behind them.

Cognitive therapy

In cognitive therapy, the focus is on what people think rather than what they do.

Humanistic therapy

In humanistic therapy, the main focus is on a person's capacity to make rational choices and develop.


Trying my best to learn


Harvard University

Bachelor's degree in Psychology

New York University

Master's degree in Psychology


NBCC board license, 2013, NYC

NBMTM board license, 2014, Washington DC

NCBTMB board license, 2014, NYC


St Jude's Hospital

Psychology Department

NYC Psychotherapy

Private psychology practice

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Doloress K.

Therapy has really helped me overcome some past trauma I had been keeping under a lid for a long time. Now, I feel happier and more confident in my life, and feel like I can walk with my head held high.

Anthony M.

Coming from a competitive sports background, the injury that ended up making me give up my career was a hard blow. With therapy, I was able to start building my identity around other things than just sport.

Happy clients